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The story of

A Tiny Sparrow

The charge to rectify the fashion industries faux pas is not simply in the hands of brands, or even in government laws, but on the shoulders of us all, the consumers.

ATS was founded on the basis of empowerment of the individual to come together in community to forge a change. Like all big movements, it takes many voices to restructure, to cause action and create lasting change. We are all in this together. No single one of us can rectify the worldwide social injustice, slavery, waste, and pollution caused by this industry alone. But united together, now there is an earth changing force!

We are all in this together

After a half-life spent toiling in fashion design and research & development, increasing profits to the tone of millions for large brands and experiencing the global impact firsthand and by witness, it is apparent that the fashion industry’s inherent challenges belong to all of us. Every day in capitalist societies we vote with our dollar. To put it simply: If it’s not profitable, a business wouldn’t do it. It’s the way we consume and the standards we choose to uphold or not, that dictates a brands’ actions. Pretty powerful, right?

As the name dictates, the concept behind ATS was inspired by the tiny sparrow.

The sparrow is symbolic of productivity, cooperation, teamwork, and finding joy in the little things of life. The Sparrow teaches us to find strength in unity and practice self-love, despite our flaws and imperfections. By embracing these attributes, we can come together with a cooperation that creates a strength to make choices every day with positive, future facing intent for ourselves, the earth, and all its inhabitants, all while embracing life’s little joys - as we flit through life having more lasting positive impact than we could have ever imagined.

Celebrating the collaborative and creative power
of all human beings

This endeavor is about celebrating the collaborative and creative power of all human beings to make an impact and live our best interdependent lives. The aim is building a community that strives for the collective good for all. ATS is committed to providing resources and knowledge exchange of bona fide insights and responsibly sourced dry goods for an ecologically sustained and well styled life.

WE are stronger than me.

I invite you to join ATS to stand for a change for the collective good, embrace your inner tiny sparrow :)




I’m Sarah, a fashion industry veteran, and the visionary behind A Tiny Sparrow.

At heart, I am an entrepreneur, maker, costumer, gardener, hiker, builder, run-on sentence writer, and a curious connector of disparate ideas.

Curious about my credentials?

- yes - 

Realistic Optimist:


Pilgrim of the journey,

explorer of the next,

making nice things

for nice people.

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