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the ATS Creative Collective

the ATS Creative Collective needs you!

The ATSCC celebrates the Collaborative and Creative power of all human beings; because Style is more than a fashion trend, and  Radical Interdependent Style creates a force for positive change.


Whether you're a sustainable business, experienced sewist, just starting out, or simply want to support the cause; like-minds are invited to join a community of creatives who are committed to forging a change. The ATS Creative Collective is a work in progress, and we're seeking individuals and businesses who share our passion for conscious style and the desire to busy idle hands making beautiful things to join and contribute to this journey.

As a member, you'll have the opportunity to connect with others who share the vision of changing the way we relate to style and consumption for a more equitable and sustainable future. You'll gain access to member pages with exclusive content & ATS products. As a Maker; find resources, support, and inspiration to expand horizons, hone and sell your craft. As a Sustainable Business, we will list you in the directory and feature you on the ATS blog with a post in your honor. That's not all, explore below for more info on all the benefits and ways to join.

We believe that by making conscious choices and being mindful of their affect on the planet,

we can create a brighter future for ourselves, the planet and future generations.

The world needs your creativity and unique perspective, ATS wants to help forge the connection between us.

Let’s come together to make a positive impact for the collective good for all.

Every stitch counts.

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