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The Power of Style for an Ecologically Sustained Life: Our Radical Purpose

Celebrating the collaborative and creative power of all human beings.

Founded on the principle of empowerment of the individual to come together in community to forge a change, ATS is committed to providing community resources and knowledge exchange of bona fide insights and responsibly sourced dry goods for an ecologically sustained and well styled life.

Honoring our interdependence, we take a stand for the radical change that must occur to challenge the prevailing norms and create positive momentum to rectify the worldwide social injustice, slavery, waste, and pollution caused by this industry.

The fashion industry’s inherent challenges belong to all of us.

By providing sustainable sewing kits, downloadable patterns, tutorials, responsibly sourced dry goods, networking opportunities, and informed resources; we empower conscious consumption and creative expression while giving back to the community.

We make a positive impact with Radical Interdependent Style.


 We believe that by making conscious choices and being mindful of their affect,

we can create a brighter future for ourselves, the planet, and future generations.

the 6 pillars of 

Our Credo

REWORK what already exists to fill our desire for expression and novelty, employing scant newness, only where it counts.


RESTYLE the choices we make to express ourselves with conscious intent to reduce our carbon footprint by challenging our own personal style and status quo.


RESCUE ourselves from blissful consumer ignorance and keep valuable resources out of landfills.


CREATE with intent to do no harm, making room for innovation by reducing the strain on our natural and human resources while cultivating well-being through the joys and skills of working by hand.

CELEBRATE COMMUNITY embolden by a radical sense of purpose that honors our web of interdependence, gives back in kind and gives agency to our fellow humans to foster ecologically sustainable values and practices for the collective good.


DESIGN for circularity, inclusivity, and a better tomorrow.

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