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Beyond Fashion:
The Power of Style to Create Conscious Consumption

Video transcript below.

Some would say that Style is timeless, while fashion is timely. STYLE, is an expression, a manner of doing something. It is personal, and it is action. FASHION, is the current trend. It is the dominant style within a given culture at a certain time. Popular culture will tell you, that if you’re not timely, you’re not fashionable. But the demand for new styles and cheap items is taking an environmental toll. Globally, consumers are buying over 80 billion new pieces of clothing a year. That’s 400% more than 20 years ago. An average 60% of these garments contain polyester. Poly does not break down in the ocean, and It’s production releases up to three times more carbon emissions than cotton. But the human constant is adaptation to everything, striving for homeostasis. Even in dire circumstances, we "get used to" otherwise horrible situations. But for every action, there is a reaction. Fashion production creates up to 10% of global carbon emissions. and The Garment industry is exploitive to both its workforce and the planet. up to 85% of textiles go into landfills each year. enough to fill one garbage truck full of clothes, is burned or dumped in a landfill every second, and less than 1% of textile waste is used to create new clothing. But all this is fairly common knowledge, so why don’t we change? The charge to rectify the fashion industries faux pas is not simply in the hands of brands, or even in government laws, but on the shoulders of us all, the consumers. Every day, we vote with our dollar. When we choose conscious style over fashion, the choices we make can have far-reaching positive impacts. If we learn to rework what already exists, If we choose to buy second-hand, we reduce the environmental degradation associated with drawing on new and depleting resources. when we rescue materials and repair our garments, we reduce waste in landfills, and honor our web of interdependence realizing that we are all connected. We create room for innovation, newness and novelty. And we allow for a shift in our perspective. We create an extraordinary opportunity to act with a conscious intent that aligns with our values and our connection. We find our Radical Interdependent Style. Let’s walk out of our plastic fast fashion wasteland, and make something beautiful together.




I’m Sarah, a fashion industry veteran, and the visionary behind A Tiny Sparrow.

At heart, I am an entrepreneur, maker, costumer, gardener, hiker, builder, run-on sentence writer, and a curious connector of disparate ideas.

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