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Graphic Spiral
birds flying - image by richard lee
clean blue water - image by jennifer burk
recycle symbol painted on blue background - Jennifer burk
green field soft sky - image by jennifer burk
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Graphic Spiral

Carbon Competent Style.

By People.



For People

Building a community that strives for the collective good, for all.

made by you
Graphic Spiral

ATS is committed to providing community resources and knowledge exchange of bona fide insights and responsibly sourced dry goods for an ecologically sustained and well styled life.

  Endeavor to rework & restyle what already exists! Pick up a Pattern + Fabric Kit and make something beautiful employing scant newness, only where it counts - and explore why it counts through the Journal.


+  Check out the tutorials and how-to guides for practical and advanced sewing and pattern making skills including how to sew Lingerie, Leather and Denim. Even more, learn how to extend the life of what you already own.


+   ATS Kits are composed primarily of rescued materials. All products curated by ATS are tirelessly sourced to be as ecologically responsible as possible through the entire supply chain. Because that wasn't enough, a portion of our proceeds from ALL sales are given to support the cause of a healthy planet and all of its inhabitants.

We are all in this together!


Let's join forces & walk out of our plastic

fast fashion wasteland and make something beautiful together!

Sewists', soft good makers, and those in need of a maker unite!


For makers, find sourcing resources, event portal,

a place to showcase your best work and connect for commissions.

For Patrons, support the collective good. Find skilled

idle hands to create the renewed or rescued item of

your choosing, just for you


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