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the ATS Creative Collective

The ATS Creative Collective is a work in progress.

We're seeking individuals and businesses who share our passion for conscious style and the desire to busy idle hands making beautiful things to join this journey.

Hold on to your hats, wigs and horses!

This is just the beginning;

fine tuning by ATS, and by committee (that's you!) is yet to come. 

for those who


Want to contribute a thought, idea or service to the Creative Collective? Perhaps you are a Business, Influencer, Investor, Writer, Photographer or simply have a spark of inspiration to share.... ATS would love to connect! We celebrate collaboration and are eager to learn your unique perspective.

  • Use the adjacent form to join the ATS Creative Collective as an early collaborator and share your ideas. You'll get exclusive content access and first dibs on ATS product kits and pattern access.

  • Apply for ATSCC Indi Collaborator Status - more info coming soon!

  • Get in touch here with no obligation

  • Interested, but not ready to reach out yet, subscribe to the mailing list here

Every stitch counts.


Sign me up!

Be an Early Collaborator.

You'll be first in the door to receive updates and opportunities to participate.

 Your interest and input helps build the ATSCC!

Early Collaborator membership is free of charge and obligation. Upon Launch, you'll be enrolled in Tier-1 membership with bonus add-ons and the opportunity to upgrade for more bonus add-ons, plus a 6 month 10% discount toward membership fees when Tier-2 and 3 become available.


Please check your email to opt in, and collect your discount.

Can I just subscribe to the mailing list?

We believe;

By making conscious choices and being mindful of their affect, we can create a brighter future for ourselves, the planet and future generations.

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