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Slash, Spread & Manipulate

Patterns not people; learn flat Pattern making fundamentals


Draft patterns for fashion DIY

Learning to successfully draft flat patterns that not only sew well but also fit well is an art and science, but it's no mystery.

Pattern making comes with a whole new vocabulary. Luckily though, there isn't the on-slot of acronyms that come with starting a new job, and ATS is here with the secret decoder ring for all that new vernacular and associated technique.

Together we will explore the tools-of-the trade, how to manipulate a Basic Block; aka Sloper, and how to troubleshoot fit challenges.

Look forward to learning how to modify patterns for the perfect fit for you and your lucky friends and family.

ATS will coach you all along the way with some great projects to get you started and build up confidence along the way to gaining the skills needed to use flat patterning to create just about anything you can dream up.

Itching to learn about something specific?

Please drop a line in the comments to let ATS know where to focus the attention!

Subscribe below and stay tuned!

We will be releasing easy to understand instruction and all the decoder rings necessary to be confident in your next pattern making or reading endeavor soon, don't miss it!

Already an expert in this area with skills you'd like to share?

ATS loves and rewards collaboration!

Please get in touch at the link below.


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