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Learn to Work with Leather Like a Pro

Introduction to working with Leather


The roots of radical, sprawling tree roots, Jacob Buchhave

Leather is a very special material. It is sought after, coveted and often under great scrutiny by conscious consumers and activist groups alike.

There is no question we humans have been employing the skins of animals to protect and adorn ourselves since the beginning of time. Today, if sourced responsibly, I believe we can still in good conscience enjoy the luxury and benefits of this sacred material.

Together we will explore the tools-of-the trade, and how to get great results with time, skills and patience.

ATS will coach you all along the way to gain the skills needed with some fun projects to get you started working in leather and to build up confidence along the way.

Look forward to learning to work with leather to make beautiful garments & accessories for yourself, your home, and your pets.

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We will be digging into techniques, challenges, and the magic of working with leather both by hand and by machine soon, don't miss it!

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