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Radical Interdependent Style



Fundamentally affects the roots of our beliefs, it demands and celebrates change.


The awareness of connection and the fact that the style we employ in every action affects us all - down to the smallest of microbes.



It is personal, and it is action; it is the way we express ourselves.

The importance of Radical Interdependent Style is paramount to the way in which each of us participates in life for an equitable and sustainable future.

For ATS specifically, we employ Radical Interdependent Style knowing that our actions always have an influence on the world around us, and we want that to be a positive one. ATS does this by reducing the negative impact of raw material use, forging connections through craft, community, and industry, while cultivating wellness and purpose through handmade goods. ATS strives to increase awareness and foster consciously informed choices to live for the collective good, for all.

A radical approach to fashion and consumption is advocating for systemic change that uproots the exploitative practices prevalent in the industry. It means advocating for more transparent supply chains, fair labor practices, and reducing the industry's carbon footprint. It means reducing our own carbon footprint by challenging our personal style and status quo.


By adopting an interdependent radical style of thinking, each of us pushes for fundamental change that benefits not only industry but also the planet and its people.

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