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The Beauty of Imperfection

Every repurposed item and kit undergoes patient and discerning curation by ATS.

We celebrate the small imperfections our items may exhibit, believing they contribute to the uniqueness of each item.

We appreciate your understanding and kind regard that Reworked, Restyled & Rescued goods differ from assembly-line products. Though we do NOT abide poor workmanship or material quality, each piece is truly one-of-a-kind, made or curated by hand, often from upcycled materials and not manufactured to mass production perfection.

Any perceived "flaws" are considered unique characteristics and enhance the beauty and individuality of each piece or kit offering. It is our philosophy that these imperfections add to the overall aesthetic and story of the item and will not compromise the intended functionality of our products.


#SlowFashion #MeMade #UpCycledFashion #aTinySparrow 

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