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Please Help Validate My Grade Rules

Thank you for clicking the link to assist A Tiny Sparrow, aka Sarah Wagner!

How can you help?

By providing your full body measurements at the link below.

Why is this important?

The world is filled with poorly fitting clothes and sewing patterns. Because this business strives to offer a sustainable option in both, reduction of waste is critical. To that end my aim is to be as certain as possible that ordering the correct size in a garment or pattern that fits well is easy and consistent when shopping at

Whats in it for you?

A discount of course! ....and all the good karma, juju, or what ever it is you ascribe to, by helping out a small business that is working very hard to do something good for the world without neglecting our human need to express ourselves and create something beautiful.

My plea is that the sooner you can do this the better -  but at your convenience, your assistance is appreciated more than you know!

You'll get 10% off your first purchase when you share your measurements with me and sign up to the mailing list.

Or just simply share your measurements to help out, no sign up, no discount.

After completion share the exclusive link with a friend who participates in the survey and get an additional 10% for a total of 20% off your first purchase when we launch product.

- link available upon completion -





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