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Sew Your Own Skivvies

Lascivious to modest; learn the techniques to make them uniquely yours


learn how to sew lingerie

The best part is, all you need is a home sewing machine, a few choice tools, the right technique, and some inspiration!

Throughout history, lingerie has been a tipping seesaw of form and function; consistently shifting between feminine and masculine, to the painful and practical defining what we perceive as beautiful and a solution to our modest and hygienic needs. Originally introduced in English as a euphemism for then-scandalous, "under-linen". Lingerie in French applies to all undergarments, regardless of gender. The term is derived from the French word “linge” meaning linen and refers to the material that was originally used, which most thankfully is no longer the fabric of choice.

Together we will explore the tools and techniques used to make everything from a basic knicker to braziers and corsetry.

We will dive into detail and instruction on working with delicate laces, delicious lightweights and knits as well as choosing the right fabrics, elastics, and trims.

ATS will coach you all along the way with projects to get you started and build up confidence as you gain the skills needed to indulge in the luxury of your own definition of lingerie.

Itching to learn about something specific?

Please drop a line in the comments to let ATS know where to focus the attention!

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We will be releasing easy to understand instruction and all the techniques necessary to be confident sewing your own skivvies, don't miss it!

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